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Why do I still have to dress down to look like Clark Kent to make it in academia

Diversity in finalist pool influence hiring decisions

Why we need difficult women


Diversity makes us smarter

Interrupt Bias on Your Team


If you want more women in your group showcase the ones you have and do not let them do kitchen duties!


Men are typically described by words that refer to behavior, while adjectives ascribed to women tend to be associated with physical appearance. 

Research in gender and equality

Denmark’s exemplary gender balance trips up in science. "its gender balance in science lags embarrassingly behind that in many other European Union countries."

Bring on bias awareness to improve gender and ethnicity balance.


Gender quotas increase the competence of organisations by leading to the displacement of mediocre men

Thank you:  The most influential people in global policy 2019

Do we need to adapt men´s grant writing styles to make it?


Cards developed to help convey and id  gender bias in the workplace.

Conveying it is OK to have a family

Nudging for inclusion


Female scientists get less money and staff for their first labs


Bias in teaching and learning


Gender differences in peer review


How some men are challenging gender inequity in the lab


How the entire scientific community can confront gender bias in the workplace

How female scientists can confront gender bias in the workplace

Men and women need different kinds of networks to succeed

Beregning: Kvinder burde få mange flere Nobelpriser

How the leadership can confront gender bias in the workplace

Gender equality in grant making. What can a funder do?

The gender data gap

A gendered world will produce a gendered brain

Evaluate projects, not people

Why don't people like the sound of "woman president"?

War of words. 
Women are judged by the way they speak

Patchy progress on fixing global gender disparities in science

Women postdocs less likely than men to get a glowing reference

6 Things Successful Women in STEM Have in Common

To learn inclusion skills, make it personal

10 Female Scientists who changed the world

The Lancet, advancing women in science, medicine and global health

Why diversity matters

Repository of women in STEM resources

Women in the workplace - McKinsey & Company



Reimbursement policies make academia less inclusive

A disadvantaged background doesn’t have to be a barrier to success

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