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Science - Art talk #2:

Death and Life in Mud, a Split-Second over 2 Million Years

A conversation between me and Artist Rikke Luther. We met at the Astrid Noacks Atelier and explored and discussed our views, our overlap and questions arising from our different perspectives. The atelier setup and atmosphere nicely induced interaction with the audience slowly transforming the conversation into engaged discussions facilitated by a very curious audience. Arthub produced podcast in underway.

If in Copenhagen go explore Rikkes exhibition. It is on until December 3rd. 2023.


Rikke and I are exploring the interface between ART and SCIENCT through conversation rooting in our distinct and overlapping concepts of processes. We explore how artistic perspectives on mud influence society and how mud and geologic processes across deep time have relations to life and evolution.

Check out Rikkes page, and here is a c/p of one of Rikkes wonderfully thought provoking context boards found on her webpage


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