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Preprint out: Advance your ecological inference using mineralogy and interfacial geochemistry

I know! Mineralogy and interfacial geochemistry rock!

They rarely get the attention they deserve though.

In our new preprint we show how principles of mineralogy and interfacial geochemistry can be applied to advance interpretations of eDNA and SedaDNA. We use the ~2.0 Ma old Kap København deposit as a case study and show how we can use quantitative mineral analysis and DNA adsorption isotherms to assess eDNA provenance and the potential of its preservation in sediments. If you are still interested after reading that very long sentence I solute your dedication. It is quite an entertaining study though, if I may say so. It also includes AFM images showing how DNA prefers to associate with certain adsorption sites over others. You will also find distribution coefficients that show how mineral loading in a suspension influence retention of extracellular DNA! Do not forget though to pay attention to the schematics in Fig. 5 next time you subsample or are in the process of inferring your eDNA data: Sediment provenance, retention and DNA taphonomy matters!

A pretty picture that has noting as such to do with the study. I intend for it to make you reflect on sediment provenance and DNA taphonomy in the environment.

Thanks heaps to

coauthors : Stanislav Jelavić, Kurt Kjær and Ana Prohaska.




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