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Nordic Geologic Winter Meeting is on! Thrilled to be diving into full-on geology talks. Keynote talk Thursday.

Geologic Network meeting in Gothenburg kicked off this morning.

Copy pasted from conference home page:

Thursday at 13.45 - right after Inger G. Alsos´ Plenary talk, I will give my Keynote talk on:

"A geochemical perspective on eDNA taphonomy: implications for ecological inference."

As the interdisciplinary geologist that I am, (I merged fields with chemistry and microbiology and application of nano level techniques ) I am quite honored to be invited to talk in this forum and I am looking much forward to discussing my hypotheses and finding with fellow geologists.

Photo credit: Nicole Posth (Right)

First things first. My conference started at the Central train station in Copenhagen, where Nicole Posth and I spend the train ride to Gothenburg to catch up on common projects and interests. We have some fun science projects kicking off intersecting across our HGT, Plastisphere and Fungi interests. Also our next project within the Evolutionary Geobiology Consortium were discussed. Stay tuned for news on that.

Evening status: Great science and catching up with friends and colleagues I have not seen in many years. -And got the t-shirt.

Keynote talk in the Congress Hall now done and it is time for conference dinner and continuation of the discussion. Great to be back with the geologists!


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