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Meeting and celebrating the VILLUM young investigators 2024

Feels as a time travel to 2019.

This time, though, I am meeting the Young Investigators to share my experiences from the past 5 years of being super privileged. I have 20 minutes with them and consider this presentation as one of the most important talks I have made. I really hope to provide some guidance of what is ahead for them.

When I received a Young Investigator grant, I was told over and over that I during the next 5 years would had to let go of my time in the lab and spend all my time managing. I did not believe that. Reality is that is that I in 2023 probably have had 2-3 weeks of doing what I used to love the most: lab work.

Thanks to VILLUM and the network VILLUM creates. I have very often appreciated the opportunities I have had with this fantastic grant. It made all the difference for my career. Massive shout out to my past and present group members, to colleagues and to collaborators for making the last 5 years a blast.

CONGRATULATIONS to the new Young Investigators!!

Look forward to celebrate.

KKS and SJ 5 years ago:


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