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Introducing the Evolutionary Geobiology Consortium

We are enquiring the processes and pathways that drive evolution.

We are focused on transitions, gene function, organization, cellular communication and the interplay with the physical and chemical environment. With robust control of the physical and chemical environment, we explore how e.g. oxygen, nutrition and stress levels influence cell and community growth, how mineralogy enables evolutionary processes and how element cycling are affected by its close environment. We aim to advance insights – both literally and conceptually – of the processes at the interface between life and the physical environment.

Our approaches cross temporal and spatial scales and we span from the molecular level to large system scales. We apply a range of methods and techniques ranging from fieldwork, carefully controlled lab-scale model systems, molecular interrogations of solid-fluid-molecule/tumor interactions and microbe-microbe relations.

We work across disciplines and are welcoming students with backgrounds within all aspects of natural sciences. We have projects across all levels of training spanning from bachelor level project courses to theses. Reach out! The craziest idea is sometime the best!


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