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Conference time: Lyon in a heatwave

Goldschmidt conference with 6 SandLab people

Taru, Toosin and Karina giving talks,

Saghar was very busy at her poster poster

Carlota and Pablo took the PhreeqC course.

10dO1 - Biomolecule-mineral interactions in terrestrial and extraterrestrial environments: past and present

Karina´s Keynote:

A geochemical perspective on DNA preservation in sediments: implications for ecological inference and bacterial evolution

Karina Krarup Sand, Taru Verma, Stanislav Jelavic, Dr. Saghar Hendiani, PhD, Ana Prohaska, Mette Burmølle and Colin Freeman

Taru´s Talk:

Sedimentary DNA can influence evolution: Establishing mineral facilitated horizontal gene transfer as a route to increased bacterial fitness

Taru Verma, Dr. Saghar Hendiani, PhD, Sandra Breum Andersen, Mette Burmølle and Karina Krarup Sand

Toosin´s Talk:

Biomacromolecules in Arctica islandica shells: molecular signatures of a bivalved Methuselah at micron and submicron scale

Oluwatoosin B. A. Agbaje, Qian Huang, Michiel Op De Beeck, Lisbeth G. Thygesen, Bernd R. Schöne, Per L. Ambus and Karina Krarup Sand

Saghar´s Poster:

Importance of bacteria-mineral associations for biofilm development and gene transfer efficiency

Dr. Saghar Hendiani, PhD, Milda Pucetaite, Michiel Op de Beeck, Mads Frederik Hansen, Taru Verma, Ines Mandić Mulec, Mette Burmølle and Karina Krarup Sand

Thanks lots to the organizers for having us and for VILLUM Fonden for supporting the talks by Karina, Saghar and Taru and to Horizon 2020 for supporting Toosins work.


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