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Gender-based discrimination contributes to the validation of treating women peers differently

this is Sine speaking. She continues: "Harassments and abusive acts have better conditions in an environment where it is OK to treat people differently based on gender." Sine is addressing the work culture in the Danish Ministry of Defense. I say this also applies to the work place culture in STEM fields (and many many more).

The above is me translating from a Danish news paper article (Berlingske, from the 9th of May 2021 by Steffen Nyboe McGhie).

This is my urge (some of them):

everyone, please:

-do not assign your women peers to take notes

-do not ask us to make or bring you coffee

-do not touch us (or even lift us (true stories)). You likely think so, but it is not nice/fun/..

-do not assume our silence means we have no thoughts or opinion. We likely/may think you are wasting our time and we are looking to cut the meeting/conversation short

-do not interrupt us while speaking in a meeting

-acknowledge where ideas come from

-map your network and count the women there

-listen to Sine and note that it is time to focus on and question how we are trained to treat and think of people that do not mirror ourselves

The picture is a crop of the display picture by Søren Bidstrup

More on Sine´s views (in Danish):


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