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Featured at ACS Central Science : "This molecular biogeochemist investigates how minerals preserve DNA and affect evolution"

During October Science Journalist Carolyn Wilke has been interviewing me about my research interests and approaches to address DNA preservation in sediments and mineral facilitated evolution of life. The piece will be followed by an extended version in Chemical & Engineering news as a Q&A in 2024.

Carolyn's interest in my work began with the 2 Ma DNA recovered from the Kap København formation and we talked about how our work on DNA-minerals contributed to the study. From there on we talked about the perspectives of using ancient environmental DNA. We also talked about my groups work on how the interplay between DNA and minerals and bacteria can influence bacterial evolution.

I have not been able to check the piece before it is published so it is great to see it finally. I am super excited t about this opportunity to showcase how nano-level dynamics can pave the way for a mechanistic understanding on taphonomy of ancient environmental DNA and how interfacial geochemistry is essential for many fields.


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