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Come join us: we are looking for a geomicrobiologist interested in horizontal gene transfer!

We hope to welcome a new team member to help with our research on bacteria-mineral-DNA interactions. You will be part of investigating if minerals can serve as unrecognized hotspots for propagation of antibiotic resistance genes in our environments.

More on us:

We do like minerals, bacteria, biofilm components, bulk systems and nano-level dynamics and interactions. We mainly work in the lab but strive to make our controlled experiments applicable to environmental systems. We do plan to do fieldwork also. We value diversity in all aspects. Group statement and more on us here:

More on you:

You are an enthusiastic and independent scientist and

  • You thrive working with bacteria

  • You have a PhD in geomicrobiology or a related field

  • Experience with horizontal gene transfer experiments

  • You are highly experienced in fluorescent microscopy and staining techniques

  • Ideally you are experienced with atomic force microscopy, Raman and/or FTIR

  • You have an interest in soil/sediment systems

  • Proficient communication skills and ability to work in teams

  • Knowledge of characterizing biofilm formation

  • Knowledge of soil and sediment components.

Feel free to send an informal email if you wanna hear more before you apply (

(TEM image: bacteria genetically tampered and forced to interact with polysaccharides and iron oxides. The image is only here only to catch your eye. Tampering with microbe machinery or electron shuttling is not as such part of this project)

Place of employment

The place of employment is at GLOBE Institute, Section for GeoGenetics, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Full announcement and how to apply:

The project is funded by VILLUM FONDEN

under the Young Investigator programme


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