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Cancer, multicellularity and complex systems

The Royal Physiographic Society had done a proper job of bringing together a broad mix of disciplines and minds and managed to facilitate dedicated and lively discussions despite sometimes lack of a common lingo. This geologist did not expect to have many research questions in common with the field of Cancer evolution. Little did I know and much did I learn. Never have I ever had so many engaging questions after giving a talk. Thanks to the organizers for a well planned and prepared meeting and to all participants for creating an inspiring and inclusive environment reeking of will to learn and ambitions to drive.

Check out this strong program.

Day 1. Day 2

I encourage you to check out all the speakers. This geologist particularly enjoyed the solid hard-core intro to Cancer field including. stress induced mutations and how we can perceive cancer through the lens of evolutionary pathways. As a bonus we got to engage in how we can view evolution in relation to colloidal matter, game theory, evolving robotics and physical and mathematical modeling.

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