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BLOOM festival: Talking about the origin and evolution of life

On a rainy and chill late May Friday I took the stage flanked by Kai Finster and Tobias Wang and dived into how life originated and evolved.

In our one hour symposium session, that was moderated by Bo Karl Christensen, we to talked about the formation of the earth, our moon, the origin of life and how life further evolved. That was a lot for one hour. I do enjoy BLOOM´s ability to combine people with different backgrounds as it, in principle, provide a broader and more rounded understanding of complex topics. I guess this is a little hidden shout-out to funding agencies of all sorts to prioritize projects that work across disciplines. It is challenging to do and require focus on communication and time for exploration.

Me looking a bit cross as I was not allowed to elaborate on the potential role of minerals in the origin and evolution of life..

Thanks to BLOOM for a wonderful Festival and for continuously celebration of natural sciences and for highlighting its relevance and perspectives.


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