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19-23 August 2024 at the University of Copenhagen



As researchers and scholars, we stand at the intersection of numerous evolving challenges—environmental changes, emerging diseases, and the persistent riddle of antibiotic resistance. The solutions, we believe, are not embedded solely within the confines of traditional disciplines but instead lie at the confluence of various fields. This is where the burgeoning field of Medical Geobiology comes into play, a discipline that embodies the essence of interdisciplinary research and offers new perspectives on health and disease.


Why Medical Geobiology?

Medical Geobiology examines the evolutionary interplay between life forms, their environments, and the pressures that shape them both. It integrates principles from medical microbiology, evolutionary biology, biophysics, tumor biology, and geology, crafting a holistic view of health that transcends the boundaries traditionally set by these areas. This approach not only helps us understand present conditions but also, crucially, allows us to predict future health scenarios. Our course, "Evolutionary Processes Affecting Health – Medical Geobiology," is designed to train the next generation of scientists in these comprehensive, integrative techniques.


About the Course

Set to commence in August 2024 at the University of Copenhagen, this PhD course is tailored for individuals eager to push the boundaries of conventional scientific disciplines. Through a combination of lectures, student-led presentations, and intensive literature discussions, the course will delve into how evolutionary and ecological dynamics are crucial to understanding both ancient and contemporary health issues.


Participants will engage in case studies focusing on critical areas such as biofilm development, pollution impacts, and disease progression, enhancing their understanding through a hands-on approach that encourages both individual and collaborative learning experiences.


Course Organizers: 

More here: evolutionary geobiology consortium

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PhD School at the Faculty for health and medical sciences. University of Copenhagen

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