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Exploring DNA preservation in Vienna

- a full day discussing one of my all time favorite topics: DNA mineral interactions and preservation in sediments.

Thanks heaps to Rick for inviting me to Vienna and to all the students in the Kimber group and colleagues for discussions, idea exchange and for sharing your research.

Florian, Sofie Marie, Anita, Veer and Victoria, it was very motivating talking to you about your cool science and I look forward to follow your research. Veer and Victoria: Thanks for showing me around the ancient clean labs and all of the geochem labs.

It was sincerely great to talk to peers who also deal with the ups and downs of

qubit measurements,

mineral precipitations,

surface area measurements,


DNase action

the questions of how minerals preserve DNA.

I look forward to more interactions with you and hopefully we will all meet up again in Lyon in July


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