Short updates of ups and downs of doing research, setting up a group and a lab.

The first updates are focused on happy events reflecting that autumn 2018 to spring 2019  was great in terms of getting funded. I aim for this Blog to include the important step wise progress, and struggles, that pave the way for the larger leaps.

Oct 20

Cypher training



Cypher VRS

Proposal writing

Rejection of 4/5 proposals submitted 2019

I am giving a heads up on GLOBEs gender initiative, and taking the opportunity to  highlight that we need to check our own biases. 


Cypher VRS 


I am giving seminar at the University of Lund on mineral facilitated horizontal gene transfer and the potential  for the evolution of life. 

The Cypher arrives!

Proposal time! We are busy writing . We are involved in 7 proposals. 


Anne will defend her PhD Thesis the 27th. 14.00 Aud 2 HCØ. CPH.

I am giving an Invited Talk at GSA in Arizona, on the role of geochemistry and mineral facilitated horizontal gene transfer for the evolution of life. Session: "Effects of Mineral-Water Interface Complexity on Geochemical Processes: A Session in Honor of Mineralogical Society of America Awardee for 2018, Laura Nielsen Lammers." Congratulations Laura!


Goldschmidt conference, Barcelona, Spain. Convener: Interactions between Microbes, Minerals, and Molecules Across Space and Time

Willerslev workshop, Camebridge, UK. Stan will talk about propagation of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment. I will talk about mineral facilitated evolution of life. 


Stanislav Jelavic will join the groups as a Post Doc for 2 years. He will mainly be looking into the interactions between  DNA and minerals.

Anne Rath Nielsen hands in her PhD thesis on the interplay between organic compounds and mineral surfaces. Applications from oil recovery to design of new materials.  


Expected onset of VYI project: Distribution of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment: The role of mineral facilitated horizontal gene transfer.

Erasmus student Léa Dieudonné will join the group.


Announcement for a 2 year post doc position in my lab. Expected hire starting 1st of July.


Annual meeting in the Danish Geological Society. 

PhD opponent, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


Congratulations to Ioannis Kontopoulos on our received Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship for him. Expected Onset early 2020.





Onset DFF-Danish ERC-Programme  grantThe significance of minerals in horizontal gene transfer: A new
principle for evolution of life?

C A L E N D E R 


Do you know your own biases?

Nov 14

Dec 19

Anne´s nice work is avaliable

Preprint out

Annes fig6 paper1.png

Feb 25



Oct 17

XRF with autosampler


The Cypher finally arrived  #2

Oct 15

Oct 15

The Cypher finally arrived! #1

Let the VRS action begin


New sockets, UV-ozone cleaner and a centrifuge

July 1

The interplay between organic compounds and mineral surfaces

Applications from oil recovery to design of new materials

AFM image of early stage B. subtilis biofilm formation

June 3

Scale: 30 um on xy   

Height with deflection overlay                         

Scale: 15 um on xy   

Deflection image                         

June 3

AFM image of plasmid DNA on mica. 

Imaged in air

Scale: 2 um on xy   

Height image                         

Scale: 800 nm on xy   

Height image                    

May 22

Deposition and aggregation og 60 bp dsDNA over time

150Hz scan rate, play back 10x, mostly 500 nm width

Cypher VRS test-run. Movie includes scanning optimization frames. 

Apr 1

Interactions between minerals and DNA

Deadline for applications mid-April

job announcement March 2019.jpg

August in Barcelona 

Mar 29

Also looking forward to

-Annes talk on our  new results on "Mimicking biomineralisation using peptoid templating."

-The presentation of Svens work: "Alginate impacts on hematite crystallisation and bioreduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1."

-And for session 11e:  "Interactions between Microbes, Minerals,
and Molecules  across Space and Time"

goldschmidt session 11e

Mar 8

Full female panel, PhD defense

International women´s day

Opponent at doctoral defense by Margrethe Broby, Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 


Mineral scaling in natural gas processing - a classical crystal growth phenomenon

Feb 27

Had to share two nice pieces on gender views I found in Nature research today 

Received funding

Feb 12

Congratulations to Ioannis Kontopoulos on a high score on

our Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship proposal. Negotiations in progress. 

Feb 1

Paper published


Jan 23

VILLUM Grant Ceremony

FB villum.png

What a fine day!​

21 investigators.png




Received funding

Feb 12

Paper published: We are proposing a new principle for the evolution of life

Thrilled to see this published!

Sincere thanks to Agnete Steenfelt and Anne Rath Nielsen for valuable comments on this manuscript, and Illustrations Elaborated for 3D models.

© 2019 by Karina K. Sand

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